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Knowledge Base

  1. Getting Started with Traqpath 

    1. What is Traqpath?
    2. Manage Keywords (Select Box Options)
  2. Life Science Features 

    1. How to Enable Life Science Features in Your Workgroup
    2. Traqpath Validation Certificate
    3. Life Science Features Overview [Video]
    4. I’ve enabled the Life Science features, but how do I see my field history?
  3. Action Items 

    1. What is an Action Item?
    2. Create a New Action Item
    3. Assigning an Action Item
    4. Viewing all Action Items
    5. Updating an Action Item
  4. Events 

    1. Event Overview
    2. Creating an Event: Step 1 - Event Information
    3. Creating an Event: Step 2 - Action Taken
    4. Viewing all All Events
    5. Viewing Events Assigned to me
  5. CAPA 

    1. CAPA Overview
    2. Creating a CAPA: Step 1 - Problem Identification
    3. Creating a CAPA: Step 2 - Containment
    4. Creating a CAPA: Step 3 - Define the Root Cause
    5. Creating a CAPA: Step 4 - Define Corrective Action
  6. Charts 

    1. Overview of Charts
    2. All Events by Type
    3. All CAPAs by Type
    4. Action Items by Type
    5. Exporting to Excel
  7. Tutorial Videos 

    1. Tutorial Video: Creating Action Items
    2. Tutorial Video: Creating an Event
    3. Tutorial Video: Creating Corrective Actions (CAPA)
    4. Tutorial Video: Modifying Keyword Settings
  8. Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. Export to Excel not working in Office 365 / Excel 2016
    2. What's the Difference Between an Event and a CAPA?
    3. How do I Create and Complete an Action Item?
    4. How do I close a Traqpath record?
    5. How do I Manage My Assignments?
  9. Terms and Definitions 

    1. Access Controls and Permissions
    2. Standard Event-Type Keywords and Definitions
    3. Add or Delete Keywords
  10. Navigating Traqpath 

    1. Sorting and Exporting views in Traqpath
    2. Viewing Parent Records from the Main View
    3. Email and Mobile Reminders
    4. Advanced Searching Tips
  11. Release Notes 

    1. Traqpath 2.2 Update Release Notes
    2. Traqpath 2.1 Update Release Notes
    3. Traqpath 2.0 Update Release Notes
    4. Release Notes for Previous Versions
  12. All articles 

    1. What is Traqpath?
    2. CAPA Overview
    3. Event Overview
    4. What is an Action Item?
    5. Overview of Charts
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